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NT Arts



Arts Access Australia (AAA) is the peak national body for arts and disability.

We work to increase opportunities and access for people with disability as artists, arts-workers, participants and audiences.

AAA is a disability-led organisation that provides three key services for our members:

    • Representation and Advocacy
    • Facilitation and Development
    • Information and Advice

We are unique because we work with people with disability in all areas of the arts, with all art forms, all age groups, and across all impairments.

We are a national organisation, and our headquarters will move around from time to time as we are hosted by our partners in different states and territories of Australia.



Nican is information on recreation, tourism, sport and the arts for people with disAbilities and supports an Australian society where any recreational opportunity values diversity, supports freedom and choice and strengthens inclusive communities.

Nican is funded as an Information Service by the Australian Government Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs.



An international collective of artists and performers who identify as having a disability or impairment.



Formed in 1956, the MFPA is an international, for-profit association wholly owned and run by disabled artists to help them meet their financial needs. Members paint with brushes held in their mouths or feet as a result of a disability sustained at birth or through an accident or illness that prohibits them from using their hands.