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Some Helpful Apps

(Download form Itunes store)

  • Stories 2 Learn (Makes Social stories)
  • Calm Counter- A Social Story and Anger Management Tool for Autism, Down Syndrome and Special Needs
  • Autism Apps (free)- This app lists apps available
  • Potty Training Social Story -By touch autism
  • Emotions and Feeling Social Story- By touch Autism
  • Conversation Social Stories and Simple PECS Communication Tool - Autism, Down Syndrome and Special Needs - By Touch Autism
  • Using My Words to Ask For What I want Social Story-By Autism Touch
  • Turn Taker - Sharing Tool and Social Story for Autism Down Syndrome and Special Needs - By Touch Autism
  • TapToTalk- Give Your non verbal child a voice
  • See.Touch.Learn (free)- By Brain Parade

Autism - Better Health Channel - click

Autism is a complex disorder which affects a person's ability to interact with the world around them. Signs of autism include poor language development, unusual or repetitive behaviours and a diminished interest in other people. The development areas most affected are communication, social interaction and behaviour.


Autism - suggestions for parents - Better Health Channel - Click

A child with autism – also known as autism spectrum disorder (ASD) – poses extra challenges for a parent. Parents need support and resources and may want counselling. A doctor, autism professional or support group is a good place to start when looking for help.




What Does Autism Mean to You

Building Foundations

Autism: your child, your family (update)

Aspect Australia

Autism Spectrum Australia ad

# 1 What You need to know about

Autism Spectrum Disorder

#2 What Treatment Works for

Children with Autism

#3 How Do you Handle Behaviour

of Students with Autism

#4 How Do I Get My Student With

Autism To tell me What He Wants

#5 How Will Speech Therapist Help

Children With Autism

#6 Why Use Pictures For

Autistic Communication

#7 Why Are Students With Autism

Bothered By Sound Or Touch

#8 How Do You Help Student With

Autism Gain Better Social Skills

#9 How Do You prevent Bullying

Against Students With Autism

#10 What Are Social Stories & How Can

They Help Students With Autism

#11 How Do I Prepare My

Student With Autism For LIfe

After High School

#12 What Kind Of School Programs

Should Students With Autism Have

#13 How Can I Get The Right School

Service For Students With Autism

#14 Why Is Early Intervention

Important For Autism

#15 What is ABA- How Is It Used With

Students With Autism

#16 What Is Aspergers & How is It

Different From Autism

#17  What is PDD-NOS & How Is It

Different From Autism

A Current Affair - Fighting Autism


Apps For Autism

Autism Assistance Dogs -

A Current Affair- Channel 9 3-5-2009