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Alcohol Related Brain Injury

Alcohol related brain impairment - Better Health Channel 

Alcohol misuse may cause alcohol related brain impairment (ARBI) or brain injury. 'Binge drinking', drinking in excess of recommended levels in a single session or heavy drinking over a long time may lead to ARBI. Problems with memory, thinking abilities and physical coordination are possible symptoms of ARBI.


Alcohol related brain impairment - memory loss - Better Health Channel

Memory loss is associated with alcohol related brain impairment (ARBI). People may not remember facts or skills. Repetition, memory aids and prompts can help people cope.


Alcohol related brain impairment - support - Better Health Channel

A person with alcohol related brain impairment (ARBI) can benefit from support. Family and friends may help them deal with feelings of anxiety, stress and an inability to cope. Daily routines and structures are also helpful.




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