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Intellectual Disabilities

Intellectual Disabilities

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Intellectual disability - Better Health Channel- open

A person with an intellectual disability may have difficulty learning and managing daily living skills. This is due to impaired cognitive (thought) processing before the age of 18 years resulting in an IQ below 70. However, everyone is unique. How a person functions in their daily life depends on many factors not just IQ level.


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Supports and services are provided in Victoria for children and adults with a disability and their families or carers. Family members and other unpaid carers play an important role in increasing opportunities for independence, choice and community participation. Supports are based on the needs of each person and their family.


Disability - support services - Better Health Channel -open

The Department of Human Services supports children and adults with a disability and their families and carers. A variety of supports and services may be available, based on the needs of each person.